Flu Vaccines / Pneumococcal Vaccines

Flu vaccinations are available each winter.

Flu vaccination is the single best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from flu.

Flu clinics are running from late September 2017.  Please contact the surgery now to make your 5 minute appointment with the practice nurse.


Vaccination is strongly recommended for anyone in the following groups:

- Anyone aged 65 or over

- Pregnant women (can be given at any time in pregnancy)

- Anyone with long-term medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, or heart disease

- People with immune systems which are impaired due to disease or treatment

- Carers

Why are pregnant women included?

Pregnant women should get the seasonal flu vaccination to protect themselves and their baby.

This year’s seasonal flu vaccine can be given at any stage of pregnancy and will also protect the baby.  In the US flu vaccine has been routinely recommended for all pregnant women for many years.  The annual flu vaccine does not contain aluminium (adjuvant) or thiomersal, (a mercury based preservative). There are no safety concerns of administering the seasonal flu vaccine. Seasonal flu vaccines have been given for more than 60 years to millions of people across the world. Reactions are generally mild and serious side effects are very rare.

I am in one of the at risk groups so how do I get vaccinated?

If you have a ‘Medical Card’ or ‘GP Visit Card’ the vaccine and consultation are free.

If you do not have a ‘Medical Card’ or ‘GP Visit Card’ you will be charged €30 for seasonal flu vaccine


The pneumococcal vaccine is available to prevent certain types of Pneumonia and is also available. Please contact us for further details.