What is Covered by the Scheme?

Put simply, all the normal acute medical care needs of your Under 6 child are covered.
Periodic Assessments:
At the age of 2 and 5, your child is entitled to a Periodic Assessment. This simply involves the measurement of your child’s weight and height by the Practice. These are quick and simple measurements that will only take a minute or two to do.
Asthma Assessments:
Asthma Assessments are provided for those between 2 and 6 diagnosed with Asthma. This entails a special review 3 months after a new diagnosis, and an Annual Review.
Influenza Vaccination is also highly recommended. This will take place in September and early October each year.

What is Not Covered by the Scheme?

While the Under 6 GP scheme covers most routine needs of your child, it doesn’t cover a range of non-medical tasks that have often been carried out by our practice.
While these can still be facilitated, if needed, they will now incur a fee, even if you are otherwise covered by the Under 6 Free GP Care Scheme.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of items not covered, as suggested by the H.S.E
Travel Vaccinations
Paediatric Phlebotomy
Passport / Identity reports / Letters
Créche Reports
Utilities Reports / Letters
Insurance Medicals / Reports
School Attendance Notes / Certificates
Sports Medicals / Reports
Letters in Support of Applications for Services Under the Social Welfare Acts ( Housing, Clothing etc )